The Cold is Here

Founded in 1995 with the aim to create a business specializing in the production of professional refrigerating equipment, Coldline has stayed ahead of industry changes by innovating on a range of products considered to be the best in the refrigeration market.

Various models | Sizes | Temperature ranges
The new generation of machines combines blast-chilling, proving, storage and thawing in a single device. Combining the best traditions with state-of-the-art technology, Coldline provides a complete range of refrigerating appliances for use in the catering, pastry, bakery, pizzeria and ice cream industries.

Refrigeration cabinet | Refrigerated counter | Blast chiller

Pastry & Bakery
Retarder/Prover cabinet | Counter for professional pastry and bread making

Ice Cream
Freezer cabinet | Blast chiller for traditional ice cream manufacturers

Pizza counter | Hardwearing granite that perfectly preserve the quality of the dough